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New You!

Who Knew?

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New You! Who Knew? is now also an AUDIO BOOK available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes (Self-Development).


Anthony Avina, Book Blogger and Author

***** Five Stars

The Verdict 

A mesmerizing, gripping, and memorable read, author David R. Edwards’s “New You! Who Knew?” Is a must-read nonfiction book of 2022... I highly recommend you grab your copy today! 

Joe Hinchliffe - Reader

***** Five Stars

This is well written and easy to read. i found it to churn up ideas in my mind while reading.

Shawna Holt - Reader

***** 5 Stars

I was immediately drawn into the writing. It was funny, yet provocative. It truly make me think as I was reading... I'll end with this great introductory quote: "set aside your ego and your expectations...exert control over the only thing that you truly do control: yourself.   

Kindle Customer

***** Five Stars

This is a great self-help book...I would re-read New You! Who Knew/. Very informative. 

J. Beck - Reader and Reviewer

***** 5 Stars

I loved how this book focused on skills and gave actionable items for personal growth...Throughout the book I found the author's voice to be authentic and kind but not coddling.   

Joey T - Reader

***** Five Stars

A foundational read to improve your core.

Rebecca, Reader

***** Five Stars

After a really tough few years, with the pandemic, work and personal ups and downs, this book was just what I needed to read...I would highly recommend this book. You don't have to be looking for major change to find it useful, because the work you can do using this book provides you with so many tools wherever you are on a journey of being your best self and it is a book that I am going to constantly return to.

Literary Titans - Book Reviewers, Editors, Writers

***** 5 Stars

New You! Who Knew? is a powerful self-help book that will inspire anyone.  

O. Aaron - Reader

***** Five Stars

Very practical self-help book. Good insights on how to improve personal growth. Includes helpful positive affirmations. I do recommend this book for self-improvement.



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Hi, I am David R Edwards, author of “New You! Who Knew?”.  A few years ago I was CEO of a Community Health Center creating the leading integrated, person focused, primary care center in the country.  In my interaction with patients, advocates, professionals from different disciplines, and my own pondering and study I had an epiphany, you know a “WOW” moment. People are missing core skills that if they had would make their lives so much better.  I left my well-paying job and embarked on researching and writing a book to help regular people learn the principles and skills needed to become the captain of their own life. “


This Weeks Update!

The Self-Confidence Project is a podcast about men's dating and relationships. I am a man, but have not dated for a long time. I seriously thought about how I could really add value to this conversation  - yet - Kimberly and I had an amazing conversation.  

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