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The Journey.webp

Dave Was on the "The Journey" Podcast

The Journey is more focused on technology, cybersecurity, and all things related. As Nate and I discuss, however, no matter how cool your tech it all comes down to your people. 

Coming soon! 

mirror Talk.png

Dave Was on the "Mirror Talk" Podcast

Host Tobi Ojekunle and I have an amazing connection. In 2005 I helped commission a hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria. Tobi is from Ibadan. We had such a fun conversation. There is both audio and video

Dream Power.png

Dave Was on the "Dream Power" Podcast

I had a great interview with Debbie Weisman which just posted. She is a dream life coach and using dreams to increase our personal power. She has both an audio podcast and Video version. Enjoy!


Dave Was on the "Second MIx" Podcast

Matthew has had a fascinating life, working today in real estate investing and his passion project podcast. If you watch till the end you will hear my 46 second message to the world. A great discussion, I hope you enjoy it HERE. Also on YouTube HERE


Dave Was on the "Hiedi's Lemonade Stand" Podcast

I had a great interview with Heidi who helps her listeners make lemonade out of lemons. We talked about aligning our lives with correct principles. 


contagious smile.jpg

Dave Was on the "Contagious Smile" Podcast

I really enjoyed my conversation with Victoria (She calls me Mr. David), cool. She focuses on helping teens and their families thrive. Listen here

Be Well, safe, ice cream.jpg

Dave Was on Coach Brad's Podcast

y interview on Coach Brad Carlson's amazing podcast, "Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy, Eat Ice Cream" The 40 minute interview is on YouTube below. I actually touch on all 10 core principles and it was a real treat.


Dave Was on the "The Dream World" Podcast

Dave was a guest with Amina on her Dream World podcast. I talked about my journey to discover the 10 principles needed to be the captain of your life and healthcare journey. about 32 minutes, audio only.

threads of enlightenment.jpg

Threads of Enlightenment Podcast

Dave was interviewed by Ken Primus on the Threads of Enlightenment Podcast. We had a great interview about 30 minutes. You can find it on Ken's podcast or here is a link. 

 David Edwards.wav 

Motivate Grind Succeed.png

Dave appeared on the Motivate - Grind - Succeed Podcast 

The podcast was just published February 6th, 2022. Here is a link to his "100% Fluff Free Zone". 

Motivate Grind Succeed - Podcast

Chris Voss Show.jpg

Dave appeared on the Chris Voss Show - one of the top 2% of podcasts. 

Franze & Friends.png

Dave Was on the "Franze and Friend" Podcast

Jay and Fola are business coaches and their podcast is where business leaders come and share their secrets. 

Well, I shared a few of mine and they really asked the hard questions to make them truly actionable in your career. This will be out SOON - stay tuned. 

iHealth Radio.png

Dave Was on the "iHealth Radio" Podcast

Hurricane H. has an interesting business creating media for all things health through his ihealthradio and IHealth Channel. We had a conversation which he called "Powerful!" Enjoy.

podcast w Shiela.webp

Dave Was on the "Podcast with Sheila" 

Sheila is from West Africa, but lives and works at a non-profit she founded in Birmingham England. She seeks to motivate and inspire with her podcast.

She titled our interview "Becoming the Captain of your Life"

You can find the audio only HERE. The YouTube Video is HERE



Dave Was on the "Awakening" Podcast

An Irish man working in Poland to expose truth and overcome corruption interviews healthcare worker of 35 years. How we have to buck the system, reform corporations, and become the captain of our own lives. Listen HERE. Also on You Tube HERE

living-the-dream logo.webp

Dave Was on the "Living the Dream" Podcast

I had a great interview with Timothy. His focus is on what it takes to help you achieve your dreams. Our focus was on how to change and be the captain of your life. 


Unconditional boundaries.webp

Dave Was on the "Unconditional Boundaries" Podcast

I enjoyed talking about boundaries and how they make life more meaningful, safe, and productive. Andy Lidstone is all about how we use our boundaries to create freedom and choice.

terminal value.png

Dave talks about Intrinsic Motivation and Business with Doug Utberg

A great business oriented interview where we talk about how you can offer a gift of personal values to your employees and create alignment with the organizations values to create engagement. 

Dave Pic.JPG

From The Author - The seeds of New You! Who Knew? 

Where did the idea come from? A desire to be more effective was the seed (one page)

IAm Refocused.jpg

I Am Refocused Podcast is published. 

had a great podcast with Shemaiah. We talked all things change - internal and external. Click link below to hear.

Cover flat_edited.jpg

Dave was a guest on the Superhero Parenting Podcast. 

Should be out soon! 

Self-confidence project.jpg

Dave Was on "The Self-Confidence Podcast" 

The Self-Confidence Project is all about helping men be more confident with their dating, and it can't help but make you more confident everywhere. Kimberly and I had a great conversation. Check it out on Spotify HERE

life well lived.jpg

Dave Was on the "Life Well Lived" Podcast

We had a lovely conversation about real life and how we can make the most of it, how to set up for a life well lived. Very enjoyable conversation. 

Coming Soon! 

beyond the check.jpg

Dave Was on the "Beyond The Check Podcast"

A key audience for my work are front line workers, including those in the service industries like restaurants. I enjoyed a great discussion with Reyshan Parker who has worked for restaurants for over 20 years, I hope you enjoy it HERE. Also on YouTube HERE

A magical life.jpg

Dave Was on the "A Magical Life" Podcast

I had a delightful discussion with Magic Barclay, a wholistic health provider in Australia. Learn about the "potato effect" and have fun as we discuss in two different podcasts (#125 & #126) systems thinking and principles from my book. 

Systems Thinking Accelerates Progress with David Edwards (


Dave Was on the "Endo Babe" Podcast

I had a great interview with Chelsea from the "Endo Babe" podcast. Her focus is on empowering people with endometriosis. It was a lot of fun. Check it out! 


Dave Pic.JPG

Dave Was on the "A Little Less Fear" Podcast

I had a wonderful interview, after which Dr. Martinez said, "I am going to buy a copy for my mother!" Very informative interview, should be out in July. 


Dave Was on the "Real Word" Podcast

Dave was a guest with three young men from Brooklyn on the Real Word Podcast. We talk about values, families, work and more - and of course becoming the captain of your life. 

remarkable people .png

Remarkable People Interview

This was a long and fairly intimate interview where we discussed alcoholism, debt, and other challenges in life, and of course overcoming those and moving forward as the captain of your life.

The Vibes Podcast.jpg

Dave appeared on the Vibes Broadcast with Kyle Yates

We had a great interview, about an hour, I get pretty personal about my early years and share a few principles from the book. 

You can find the You Tube video here: 

Teen With Skateboard_edited.jpg

David is appearing on the Teen Catalyst Podcast

The podcast was just published February 6th, 2022. Here is a link to his "100% Fluff Free Zone". 

Motivate Grind Succeed - Episodes (

New Persp pod.jpg

Dave was interviewed on the "A New Perspective" Podcast.

I had a great interview with the three young lads, the interaction was great. Link is below.

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