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A Values Collage (Values Exercise 1 of 5)

Values Exercise # 1 of 5

This is a particularly fun project if you are a visual person.

Do you remember in school doing a collage in art class, or maybe even history or some other class? It was a fun project, who doesn’t like to play with glue. We are going to call this a values collage.

Look through magazines (if you have any of those around), through the internet, news feeds, blogs, or other sources, or your own picture albums (physical or virtual). If you are on a picture site like Pinterest what are the categories that you think represent important values? What you are looking for are pictures of things that you think are important. As you start to identify pictures that reflect meaningful concepts or ideas, what are you finding? There is no right or wrong response here. As you get quite a few pictures you might consider the following questions.

  • What underlying theme or themes are coming to you as you peruse these pictures?

  • Does this theme represent something that you feel is important? Can you put that into words?

  • Do you think you are living that value currently?

  • What is one thing that you could do to more fully reflect that value in your personal life?

Have some fun on this path, think, and enjoy the vital benefits of understanding and making your own values explicit. If you have not read the first blog post titled, "Values - Nicety or Necessity?" I encourage you to read through that first. It provides important context and answers the critical questions of what values are and why they matter so much.


David R. Edwards is the author of the new bestseller, "New You! Who Knew?". You can find out more on his web site.

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