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Podcasts Update

As you may have noticed I regularly update on my website under (News/Events) when a podcast I have been on is published. I had a three that were just published this last week, and wanted to share that information more broadly. I have been on about 30 podcasts, some of which won't be published for months, but there are roughly 20 that have been published.

I had the most engaging conversation with Heidi. Her purpose is to help people take the lemons of life and help them make lemonade. Our conversation flowed naturally and she was a great host. I hope you check out her podcast, here is a link to my episode with her which we titled "From Fired to Writer".

I was so pleased to meet with Chelsea Blackburn who is on a mission to help women be happy and healthy in their own skin, especially those who suffer through endometriosis. She takes her podcast seriously, they even produced this 33 second MP4 below (pretty fun). We had a great conversation which we titled, "Applying a Universal Approach to Self-Help and Improvement with David Edwards". I hope you enjoy our conversation on EndoBabe podcast.

Finally I had a great conversation with Timothy Douglas whose podcast is designed to help people achieve their dreams and goals all while building great relationships, practically perfect alignment with my book. I hope you enjoy our episode which we titled, "Change Models - Be the Captain of your life with David Edwards".

I have really enjoyed being on podcasts nearly every week for the last couple of months. They are a great way to both learn and connect. I hope one or more of these episodes helps you on your own journey to becoming the captain of your life, an accomplished, connected, and balanced person. If you have not, please check out my book at I will continue to update there as new episodes are published. All my best. Dave

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