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  • David R. Edwards

Podcasts? Podcasts. Podcasts!

Do you ever listen to or watch podcasts? It has been a crazy busy week for podcast episodes to be released. Here are a few of my favorites.

I had the most engaging conversation with Dr. Lino Martinez, a Psychologist from California. His purpose is to help people live their authentic life with a little less fear. Our conversation flowed naturally and he was a great host. He enjoyed the episode so much that he bought the book for his mom. Hope you enjoy all 32 minutes of our conversation.

This is the shortest podcast I have ever done. In about 7 minutes we talk about corporations and the movement to put the humanity back into them - and of course align our lives and our businesses around the principles of human success. Tom was a great host, enjoy this brief insight here.

Susan is an 'Intuist". We talk about the 10 principles and how they not only help you become the captain of your life but help you get into touch with your authentic self and facilitate intuition to guide your life. A delightful conversation, the 48 minutes go by fast. You can enjoy it here.

I had a great conversation with Chris Shelor whose podcast is designed to help you understand how other people tick, in this case, me. A longer podcast at 90 minutes Chris and I dive into more detail on my backstory, leading up to today and my new book. You can listen here.

Karen Hale hopes to help her audience avoid the maze of confusion by providing ideas to help you through today and to a tomorrow of your own choosing. We had a great conversation and agreed that there is so much to cover I will need to come back later and finish the story. So, you can enjoy the first half of the conversation here.

I have really enjoyed being on podcasts nearly every week for the last few months. They are a great way to both learn and connect. I hope one or more of these episodes helps you on your own journey to becoming the captain of your life, an accomplished, connected, and balanced person. If you have not, please find and buy my book at I will continue to update there as new episodes are published. All my best. Dave

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