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Chapters & Segments Oh My!

As I enjoy feedback from more and more readers some concern has been expressed about how the segments work within each chapter. Here is an explanation, I hope it helps.

Each chapter describes a single principle, 10 in all. Within each chapter there are skill segments. The skill segments are not necessarily flowing the one to the next, but each segment provides distinct insight and skills that align with the chapter's core principle. The book assumes that many people from many backgrounds will read the book. Each of these people will have different needs and diverse things will appeal. The balance is to have enough skill segments to have something resonate for every reader, and not so many that the book becomes overwhelming. I am sure I have done that imperfectly.

This ties with the PQ4R or PQ2R process (see that blog) as a proven way to sift through the content and find something you want to make actionable in your life. It also encourages you to pick the book up in a year or two and read through it again and pick up something new and useful for the New You! You have created. I hope that helps. Thank you for becoming a part of this great movement and allowing my to be a small part of your journey to a New You!


David R. Edwards is the author of the new bestseller, "New You! Who Knew?". You can find out more on his web site.

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