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OK - I bought the book - What Now?

I would start with the introduction, so you know what my intent is, and the structure of the book. I would then use the PQ4R process to cover chapter one. Please schedule time to go through the exercise outlined at the end of that first chapter. This is the best place to start.

I have a series of blog posts on values that may be helpful as well. On my website The series adds additional insights and some fun preparatory steps to the process in the book. Just click on the "values" category and they should be easy to step through.

If you follow any of those preparatory steps it could take 2 or 3 weeks or longer to actually finish discovering your values, making them explicit, and starting to be aware of how fully you do or do not live them. That is great. This is not a race; it is a journey of discovery. If you go through the process, you will have done more than 90% of people to facilitate wellbeing, avoid regret, and unleash your personal motivation. And that is just chapter one!

Some people have a hard time with PQ4R. Candidly, it is a lot of work. On my website I have a blog post on an alternative that many people find useful, PQR2. Check it out and let me know if you find it useful as well.

Then I would move on to chapter Two, Awareness and Feedback, and once again take your time. My best advice is to be patient. You likely have very little time in your day to devote to the processes outlined in the book. Be patient and consistent and remember that progress is success.

If you must, you could just blow through the book and read it in a few hours. As my grown daughter told me, the book is “dense”. There is a lot here on relatively few pages. If you read the whole book, I urge you to take that context and still start with chapter one to determine and make explicit your values. These first 6 chapters really do build on each other and you will have greater success and enjoyment by at least starting to develop your skills in the order presented.

Once you have gone through the entire book and have those foundations built you might choose to further develop any single area, great! It is your life; you choose what to work on. You are the captain of your life after all. 😊

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